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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is 918kiss.host about?

918kiss.host is a website which mainly promote several casino games. 918kiss is the main casino, while other casinos can be found as well. The websites is operated legally and of licensing according rules and regulation of the government of Philiphines. Also, all of our casinos are granted access by the official casino developer website, win8.today.

2. Will my personal details disclosed?

Please rest assured that our websites are operated legally and secured by a huge team of professional technician. Our website will be undergo maintenance regularly to secure our website and the privacy of our players. Also to emphasize, your personal details is only recorded for top-up and CUCI purposes. Therefore, your personal particulars will not be disclosed to any third parties.

3. How to join our casino?

To join our casino, you have to be above 21 year old, only you are eligibled to register an account. If you are eligible, please contact our customer service and tell them the name of casino that you want to join, your full name and phone number, for registration purpose.

4. What to do when my account run of credits?

You may top-up credits into your game account through contacting our customer service. Send them your game ID, and the amount you'd like to top up. After the payment made, kindly send the receipt to our customer service and the credit will be top up into your game ID after verification.

5. How to take out the credits?

You are allowed to withdraw your credits and change it into a real money by contacting our customer service. Provide them your game ID and the amount that you like to withdraw. *Please note that our minimum withdrawl amount is 50$, therefore please make sure you have atleast 50$ in your account.

6. How to download the casinos in my device?

Most of our casinos can be downloaded in three platforms: Android, IOS and Computer. For installation guide, kindly refer to the specific casino in our home page, and search for the guidelines.

7. How to download casino in my computer, if there is no PC version?

Some of our casinos are been developed for Mobile version only, and players have to install external source in their computers only they can download the casino in their desktop.

  1. Download NOXPLAYER in your computer.
  2. Then, play the NOXPLAYER and use the browser to search "918kiss.host".
  3. After you found our website, search for your intended casino, and click on the Android version to download.