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NTC33 is a short name term from “Newton Casino”. It is slightly different with others (918KISS, Mega888, XE88), as it provides 24 hours live dealer games. If you are the person who likes live gambling, live roulette, live poker, and live table games, you must prefer it. So, about management, it has 2 game clients, which are Live Casinos and Online Slot Game. NTC33 can be downloaded and played in Android and PC version. IOS doesn’t get any support in IOS system.

Register your free account here and start your luck now. Before you start you need to yopup your acount with min. RM30 and min withdraw is RM50.



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Live Dealers Game Catalogue

Online Roulette (Live game)

Live video streaming is very smooth and maintain in high quality. Before the paddle release, players may bet the amount in the roulette. After that, paddle comes, the players are warned to cannot betting any amount.

Online Blackjack (Live game)

The table game is battling between dealer and player. Battle who will be bigger amount? 21 point will be the largest.

Online Hold’Em (Poker)(Live)

Texas Poker will also be a battle between dealer and player. Players can choose either call, raise or fold to continue the betting round.


☎️ Contact 918kiss.host NTC33?

- If you need help on our games, service, register, top-up, withdraw you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp or Wechat we are working non stop 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

????What games can be found in NTC33?

– There has more than 100 types of online casino games in this NTC33. There are few example of games in NTC33.

Roulette is a casino game named after with a French word meaning little wheel. Players can choose many options that they have to guess what is characteristic of the number which pendulum stop at. You can buy the among 36 numbers, or first / second / third group twelve numbers, or choosing either 1 till 18 or 19 till 36, or choosing even number or odd number will be. Players can buy many as they want to buy. The winning will be counted in multipliers.

To play Baccarat, starting your bet amount on either Player’s or Banker’s cards. You place the bet which you are confident to choose which one you think will bigger than each other. Normally will be 2 cards. More than 2 cards will be given if they have not enough total amount of 5. Less than 5, a card will be given. The closest amount to 9 will have a bigger chance to win. The winning bet will based on the amount you bet, pay on double.

This Hi-Lo game is a slightly different with other online gamble games. The Ace will be the smallest or lowest and the King will be the largest or highest. Before dealer opens the card, players must guess and bet what will be the next card be. The betting will be on the next card.

✔️If I am interested, how I can join the game?

– We have a restriction that 21 years old and above, may join this online casino games. You go to our Customer Support for making your account registration. It’s free of charge for us opening it. Provide us your name, what game do you want to join and your phone number. We are pleasant to serve you as our VIP customers. We welcome all the players and interested people. Do PM us.

✔️How to play NTC33 in PC?

– NTC33 only available in Android mobile version. If you want to play with pc, you must download an apps which support in apk files, enable to open the apk download file. You may follow our guideline below to download and open NTC33.

✔️How can I install NTC33 in my IOS device?

– We have to apologise that temporary there is no any app of NTC33 be supported in the IOS system. But, the Android system can support the NTC33. You can get it from Android device.

✔️Is it fun?

– Depends on the players. If you have interest on gambling and want to play everyday, this will be a good choice to you. Join NTC33 now.