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Live22 takes pride in online slot games in immersive be subjected to. Be dazzled with our exclusive choices of your favorite slot games, at designed compatible with tablets and Android mobile phones therefore bring all your excitements with you on a busy schedule.

Live22 is an online casino games that well-known in Asia, citizens from Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and more Asia countries, are mostly use the platform for their betting and enjoy their games as well. Live22 is multiple tasking in any Asia countries, either you are from Thailand or Indonesia, they will friendly same share the guidelines and joy to all of you.

It is being supported in IOS device, Android device, Windows and OSX. OSX is the mac file downloader file. The first game which is separated into different between IOS device and mac download. This status is very helpful which everyone able to download it and very convenient to play in everywhere, either sitting in home or taking a break in pantry.


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Example of the mini games:

Evil King OX

Fairy Moon Goddess

Fu Lai

Guardians Of Flower

Installation Guideline in IOS device:

Step 1: Google search on “918kiss.host live22”.


Step 2: Select “download now”.


Step 3: Select “IOS” to continue download.


Step 4: Click “Install”.


Step 5: Wait for the process is complete.


Step 6: After you click in, approach “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Click “Cancel”.


Step 7: Enter the “setting” then select “General”.


Step 8: Scroll and select “Device Management”.


Step 9: Click on "Epson (China) Co....".


Step 10: Select "Trust Epson (China) ...."


Step 11: Select “Trust” once again.


Step 12: Live22 is now verified.



☎️Contact 918kiss.host Live22?

- If you need any assistance on our games, service, registration, top-up, or withdrawal, you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp or Wechat, we are working for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

????What is Live22 and interesting games?

- Live22 is an online casino game platform which provides many variety of online mini slot games and live games. Different theme and gameplay of games are hidden in Live22 and waiting you all to download and explore them.

Live22 has two main optional games slot games and live games. Below are the top hottest ranking games which distributed in Live 22:

????#1 Samurai Sensei

– Carry with Japanese culture, samurai animation with fantastic J-pop sound audio and graphics.

????#2 Samurai Hero

– Decorated with old traditional Japanese Warrior style, shuriken and sumo as the icon, looks in high quality of graphics.

????#3 Rhino Crash

– Matched with South Africa lost jungle as background of the game. Crocodile, deer, flamingo, cheetah and rhino are helping you out for leading for jackpot victory road.

✔️How to get the cash out?

– It’s so simple. The minimum of taking out is RM50.00, which means that you can take the cash out 50 credit above (RM1 = 1 credit). We will instant transfer the amount to your bank, same bank as you top up.

✔️How can I get demo account?

- There has demo account ID for any player using while playing trial online casino games. Contact our Customer Service for getting the demo ID in the official website.

✔️How to increase the credit?

- To increase the credit, you must go top-up your credit by cash in. Otherwise, win the game and bring the jackpot home… To top-up, you take the first step by contacting our Customer Support. You must give your ID account or name or telephone number and the amount you want to proceed toping-up. We accept local bank transfer, kindly ask for our bank information, once complete the transfer kindly send us the bank-in slip via live chat, whatsapp, telegram or wechat.

✔️How to win in Live22?

– Actually, there’s no simple way to win the jackpot. Half is based on your luck, another half is your gambling skills. However, you can try out the free test IC account, then keep trying on your gambling strategy before using real credit.